Frame of Mind

The project started out as a simple “let’s do it in a week” and blossomed into something bigger. I’d like to thank everyone involved.  I’m so happy with how it turned out.


Hal  Andy Livengood
First Wife  Betsy Harper
Trophy Wife  Sydney Pratt
Angry Father  Thomas Bowles
Angry Mother  Blanche Bowles
Crying Child 1  Ben Bowles
Crying Child 2  Marshall Bowles

Group Therapy Members
Erik Heerlein
Derek Humphrey
Kirsten Loeffler
Andy Rider
Tahlia Robinson
PhucDanh Tran


Marshall Bowles
Erik Heerlein

PhucDanh Tran

Marshall Bowles
Erik Heerlein

Special Thanks

Hope Brooks
My sister helped me work out the idea in the early stages so that I could turn it into a story.

They were gracious enough to allow us to use their conference room for our group therapy scene.  Can’t thank them enough!

– Marshall


American Outback – Bathing

It’s come to an end. After a tough journey through the wilderness, Trav finishes out the American Outback series by taking a relaxing bath in the pond.

American Outback – Pepto

Trav uses Pepto Bismol to alleviate the effects of eating wild foods.

American Outback – Mushrooms

Trav finds some edible mushrooms while foraging for food, but shows that you need to be careful when choosing what to eat.

American Outback – Garlic

After running out of supplies, Trav decides to forage for edible native plants.  He find some wild garlic and demonstrates how to prepare it.

American Outback – Food

Trav gets busy with some wildlife survival food.

American Outback – Calling Wildlife

Trav shows what to do when you need to attract wildlife for hunting.